A Simple Guide To Slots Games For New Players
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A Simple Guide To Slots Games For New Players

December 22, 2015

There are numerous different groups that online slots games can be divided into, and it is far easier for players to find those that they will most enjoy when a basic understanding of the various types is established.

This helps players avoid boring games that they have to finish because they have invested money in them already, and steer clear of those that have strategy requirements that are confusing, and thus result in an inevitable loss of money.

Classic Slots with Three Reels

So-called classic slots games are also sometimes simply referred to as three-reel games, and their design perfectly suits players looking for an easy game that allows for a relaxed playing experience without compromising on the possibility of big wins.

These slots games often have a single payline available for their three reels, although players are often able to bet more than just one coin on each of the spins, thus allowing for those who prefer higher bets and the increased chance of attaining the jackpot to enjoy them as well.

These games sometimes also make three or five optional paylines available too, and it is advised that players inspect the paytable before the game begins, as the jackpot attached to the increased number of paylines being activated is often enhanced.

The Online Video Slots Category

By far the most popular choice in slots games around the world currently are the video slots, with these generally being offered in a five-reel format. What helps them stand out, and counts a long way towards their popularity, is that there is a vast amount of paylines for players to choose from, with amounts ranging from five to thousands for each spin.

These games are generally additionally provided with extra bonus features as well, with the results of the spins in the base game serving to trigger these. These award free spins; pick to win games or pick and match features that can award some very significant payouts to lucky players.

Progressive Jackpot Online Slots Games

Progressive slots games can be found in both categories of game, and their distinguishing feature is that they provide players with the chance to take home a jackpot that is connected to other slots machine games of the same name. Each time a player starts a game on one of the linked machines a small increment of their money is fed into the jackpot pool, with this total reaching truly extraordinary levels very quickly.

This jackpot pool increases until a win is triggered, and when this occurs the lucky player is awarded the win and the process begins again from a pre-set seed value.

In some cases, progressive jackpot slots games will only allow players that activate all the paylines available for the game along with the maximum bet for the spins to stand a chance of winning the top prize, but others award the jackpot totally randomly. No matter what stake level or payline amount the player of the latter games is working with, the big payout could be theirs for the taking. Don’t forget these handy tips next time you’re enjoying a game of slots at any¬†https://canadianonlineslots.net/cad/ casino has on offer.